Hottest Keyless Door Locks for Christmas 2011

Do you know someone who has been wanting a new high tech keyless entry door lock for their home?  Have you been wanting to treat yourself to a fun new gadget? This holiday season is the perfect time to make these wishes come true, as almost all of the best digital door locks are already on sale for Christmas 2011.  You don’t have to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to find amazing deals, especially from  Let’s look at the top 5 hottest keyless door locks on the market this year:


5. The Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock

Sunnect AP501AB Keyless Door Lock

With over 65 reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, this door lock is number five on the Amazon best seller list for the category “keyless door locks”.  It comes in three different sleek finished (satin nickel, aged bronze and bright brass) so it will look good on any door.  It’s sliding panel hides the digital keypad and it even has decoy lights to deter potential hackers.

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This keyless entry lock was “built like a tank” according to The National Locksmith magazine. It’s super tough and was engineered with advanced technology.  Plus it looks so intimidating that most would be burglars will probably just keep their distance and move on to the next house!  If you think this is the right lock for you or your special someone, click the “buy from Amazon” link to see the product page, additional reviews, price, etc.  If you want some more info, check out our full review of the Sunnect AP501 right here.

4. The Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Door Lock

Schlage Camelot Keypad Accent Lever Door LockInterestingly enough, the Schlage FE595 Camelot Accent Door Lock also has 65 reviews, and the majority of them are overwhelmingly positive.  It costs a little bit less than the Sunnect AP501 but is just as safe and convenient.  It has a more traditional look and feel, like a normal door knob as opposed to a high tech digital one.  It’s easy to install and program, and you can create multiple (up to 19) key codes for your children, spouse, extended family, pet sitters, etc.

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Like many keyless door locks, the Schlage Camelot is battery operated.  However, you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying all the time because they last up to three years.  Schlage is a solid brand and they’re known for quality manufacturing.  If you are looking for something simple, reliable and easy, this might be for you.  Be sure to check out some customer reviews before making a purchasing decision.

3. The Kwikset 90915SMTCP SmartCode Single Cylinder Deadbolt Featuring SmartKey

Kwikset 90915SMTCP SmartCode Single Cylinder DeadboltThe Kwikset 90915SMTCP is Kwikset’s signature door lock.  It is super simple to install and use.  In fact, it features push button locking (i.e., you push one button and your door is locked…what could be easier than that?).  It is on sale right now and is priced very reasonably at under $100 (normally $225) and has an average rating of 4 stars on  Like some of the other products we’ve reviewed, it comes in several different finished, including satin nickel, polished brass and Venetian bronze.

If you are on a budget this holiday season, the Kwikset SmartCode might be for you.  Considering the incredible sale price and it’s lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, it’s a great value right now.  There are a couple of negative reviews, mostly having to do with defects and product lifespan, so be sure to check them out before you buy!

2. Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt

Schlage Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt

Like the Kwikset, the Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt is on sale right now for over 50% off regular price.  This probably won’t last long, so definitely check it out today.  It’s got almost 100 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.  As with all Schlage products, this digital deadbolt is built to last.  It’s simple, classy and effective.  If you don’t like the “bright brass” model pictured above, you can also get it in satin nickel and aged bronze.

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Like most Schlage locks, the Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.  So, if it breaks, Schlage will send you a new one or fix it for you.  They won’t, however, repair any cosmetic damages.  Of the 122 reviews for this product, there are only 9 that are below 3 stars.  That definitely says something about the overall quality and usability of this keypad door lock.  Be sure to check out our full review before making a buying decision.

1. Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Our number one hottest keyless door lock is the another great deadbolt lock from Schlage, the BE365VCAM716.  Like the others, it’s on sale right now at for over 60% off!  This is our number one pick for several reasons.  First of all, it has over 120 reviews, 93 of which are perfect 5 star ratings.  It comes with batteries included and is preprogrammed with two 4 digit codes for immediate use.  Of course, you can also program your own custom codes right from the touchpad.

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We’ve already reviewed this product in detail a couple of months ago.  You can check that review out right here.  To summarize, it’s a solid digital door lock built by one of the best door locks manufacturers in the world.  It comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you.  This might just be the perfect gift for that special gadget lover in you life!

Happy Holidays

So there you have it — the top 5 hottest digital door locks for the 2011 holiday season, all of which are on sale right now at  Take advantage of the crazy holiday deals and buy yourself or your loved ones an awesome new door lock that looks cool and protects your home.  Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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[…] Hottest Keyless Door Locks for Christmas 2011 Considering the incredible sale price and it's lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, it's a great value right now. Like the Kwikset, the Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt is on sale right now for over 50% off regular price. […]